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Hang The Bastard: Sinner Takes All

They've crafted one of 2014’s most diabolical albums and are rubbing shoulders with Jay-Z’s management. Hang The Bastard are living the dream...

Whatever your stance on metal’s ever-growing assault into the mainstream, one thing has always rung true; it’s in the underground that this music thrives.

Well below the surface of populist culture. In piss-, blood- and alcohol-soaked half-empty music venues. In decrepit, semi-soundproofed, mouldy practice rooms with second-hand, creaking, weathered instruments held by music-obsessed wannabes, inspired, via the sounds of anyone from Sabbath to Pantera, Venom to Slipknot, to create music for the sheer fucking rush of it. This is where the still-beating heart of heavy metal lives.


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