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Tony Husband

The Oink! comic founder and Private Eye cartoonist on how he tuned in, turned on and dropped out to Manchester’s psychedelic awakening – and is still searching for weird sounds.

“My love of music starts with my dad. He was a very good blues pianist who’d played in the army and he’d sit down anywhere and just start playing – boogie, blues, George Gershwin and Cole Porter. He had a love of jazz music, and when he played me Sing, Sing, Sing by the Benny Goodman Orchestra I just fell in love with Gene Krupa, and with drums. I realised music was something alive, not just the false Elvis Presleys we had over here. It hit me in a way I’ll never forget. The Rolling Stones’ first album was my own first record and my first gig was them at Manchester Apollo when I was 16. I remember Brian Jones being hit in the eye with a Jelly Baby and Mick shouting, ‘Can you stop throwing Jelly Babies, we don’t like them!’


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