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Sanctuary: The Thing That Could Not Be

How one small band from Seattle almost became thrash's Next Big Thing...and then lost it all.

In the late 80s, a young mob from Seattle were poised to become the biggest band to hit thrash since Slayer. So where did it all go wrong for Sanctuary?

“Thrash? You really think we’re a thrash band?!”

Sanctuary frontman Warrel Dane sounds surprised when their sound is described as thrash. He also gets agitated when it’s suggested that his band might be power metal. Genres, it seems, are not in vogue here.

“We’re as much power metal as we are thrash,” he chortles. “I really don’t know how best you can categorise what we do. All I know is we don’t do happy music. There’s no place for cheerfulness in metal. It should be dark and depressing, at least as far as we are concerned. It’s cathartic talking about fucked-up stuff – it cleans out my brain.”


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