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Senser: 20 Years Of Stacked Up

Celebrating two decade of Senser's biggest album

Groundbreaking musical agitators of the highest order, Senser were one of the most exciting bands in the UK during the early 90s. Emerging from the strange and nebulous counter-culture that existed in a peculiar grey area between the outer limits of the British rave explosion and the politically-charged anarcho-punk scene, they stood noisily apart from everything else that was going on around them, hurling scything metal riffs and bruising rap diatribes into the mix, several years before the nu-metal scene exploded and turned those same ingredients into something far less challenging or inventive.

First released on May 2nd, 1994, Senser’s debut album Stacked Up remains one of the truly great records of the rap/rock crossover era. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Senser have remastered the whole earth-shattering shebang and are re-releasing it on 17th November as Stacked Up XX, replete with a ton of bonus rarities and remixes that once again showcase the fearless creative approach that made the band such a huge draw on the gig circuit two decades ago. Still very much active – they released their latest album To The Capsules to great acclaim in 2013 – Senser may be unsung heroes to a great degree, but the music they were making in 1994 still sounds incredibly fresh today. To join in with the anniversary celebrations, we are exclusively streaming a selection of highlights from Stacked Up XX – including The Algorithm’s mind-bending remix of Age Of Panic – and premiering the band’s new video for Age Of Panic (Git-O-Rama Mix)

Meanwhile, we spoke to frontman Heitham Al-Sayed about Stacked Up, those exciting early days and how he owes rather more than expected to, erm, Mötley Crüe…

How does it feel to reach the 20th anniversary of Stacked Up?

“It feels good! I guess at that point I didn’t think I’d survive until I was 30. I had a feeling I was gonna die before then! I was convinced of it. I thought ‘I can do anything!’ When I was 22 I figured it didn’t matter because I’d been around the world and it was brilliant and music had given me all this and I’d had a good run. But you don’t die! You just keep on fuckin’ going. I never thought we’d make so many records as Senser, and I’m really proud of what we’ve done. The only thing about this reissue is that it takes it back to nostalgia. It was a hard decision, because we’ve spent all our time since then creating new things and developing, but at the same time we just wanted to celebrate it. It was a really interesting start for us.”

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