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Live Preview:
The Jesus And
Mary Chain

A chaotic, 1985-style Mary show “ain’t gonna happen in our fifties”.

Jim Reid, frontman with the reunited distortion fiends, talks about brotherly love, riots and, er... mellowing out.

The band are revisiting the Psychocandy album to mark its approaching thirtieth anniversary, but you don’t strike us as a nostalgia act?

We’re fairly comfortable with that. Were we not, then we wouldn’t be doing it. This tour isn’t about nostalgia. If you think you’re coming to see a chaotic, 1985-style Mary Chain show, that ain’t gonna happen. We’re in our fifties now. 

Do you still stand by your heyday-era comment that “there’s never been a group good enough to play for longer than twenty-five minutes”?

I do totally, yeah. The Mary Chain’s regular set is now over an hour long, but I’m not joking when I say that any band I see bores me after fifteen or twenty minutes. 


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