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Raw Power: Onkyo headphone amp

If you’re as serious about the audio quality of your music while on the go as you are when at home, you need a headphone amp like this.

What’s the point in buying an expensive pair of headphones (assuming you didn’t get them just for the pose) and then having your music delivered to them by something that’s suitable for little more than powering the ring tone on your mobile phone? If you really care about how hi your music’s fi is, there isn’t one.



Having your music as a constant companion is easy now, but it hasn’t always been.

Nowadays we take music-on-the-move for granted, whether it’s a few favourite tracks on a phone, 50,000-plus MP3s on a hard drive, or a multitrack recording ‘studio’ on which a touring musician can record an album in the breaks between soundcheck and show time.

Before the invention of the portable cassette player in the mid-60s, the only practical way of taking your music on a train or bus was via a battery-powered record player and an armful of vinyl. A touring musician had the option of a reel-to-reel tape machine, but spooling back and forth to find a track was a pain. John Lennon was one who carted around a personal jukebox loaded with 45s, but that needed mains power. What music lovers back then would have given for what we’ve got now.


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