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At The Gates: The War Rages On

In 1996, despite a rapidly growing fanbase and increasing MTV exposure, At The Gates decided to call it a day. Nearly two decades later, the Gothenburg pioneers are back and finally ready to u

It was James Bond, wasn’t it, who said something about never saying never? And yet, when At The Gates, progenitors of the ‘Gothenburg’ style of melodic death metal and arguably one of the most influential death metal bands to immerge from the European continent (inspiring as they did a whole slew of NWOAHM bands) announced in 2007 that they would be reuniting for one summer of touring 11 years after originally calling it quits at the height of their powers, their proclamations that there would be no more tours and no new music certainly had a ring of honesty and a more than slightly disappointing air of finality to them. But, much as our rakish 007 learned, you must never say never. In 2011, the Swedish quartet were persuaded to reunite one more time, and earlier this year the band revealed that they would, after all, be releasing a brand new album – At War With Reality – 19 years after their last, the incredible, genre-defining Slaughter Of The Soul.


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