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Necrophagia: Season Of The Witch

Thirty years on, and Necrophagia are still scaring us to death and back

Heavy metal and horror have always been natural bedfellows, but no one has ever combined the two with such passion and intuitive skill as Necrophagia. More than 30 years on from forming in Wellsville, Ohio, the band led by Frank ‘Killjoy’ Pucci have returned once more to display their mastery of riff-driven gore and refined sonic dread on new album White Worm Cathedral.

It's a tour-de-force of bludgeoning riffs, macabre atmospherics and stories wrenched from the shattered ribcage of arcane celluloid terror. This time round, however, gore has taken a back seat as Killjoy plunders his own shadowy childhood experiences for lyrical inspiration.


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