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Sam Carter Of Architects: Why I Love Deftones

UK metalcore's leading man explains why Chino's crew are one of a kind

CHINO MORENO IS THE BOMB. IT'S THAT SIMPLE “He’s just the coolest man in the world. His voice is so unique that it’s never out of style. He’s never had to follow trends because he’s got that sound that is his own. No matter how the band change, his voice can adapt to it and it feels familiar and like nothing he’s ever done before, every time. He’s just the man. He’s always had the presence live and if Chino tells you to do something, you’re going to do it. He’s just one of the best singers and frontmen you can think of.”


“Their career has longevity. They’re not fucking around and they never have. It’s crazy to be this far into their career and to have released nothing but consistently brilliant albums. They had to cope with what happened to Chi [bassist Chi Cheng, who died in April 2013] and they’ve still come through it with a 100% artistic record. You can put all their albums on shuffle and it’s always going to land on something good and different. Adrenaline came out in 1995 and I can still put that on and not feel like I’m stepping into a time warp.” 


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