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Black Moth: Hope For Everyone

The Leeds stoner-doomsters are bring people together in a big way through their music...

“That was crazy!” grins a beaming Harriet Hyde as Hammer grabs her for a chat soon after she’s done rocking the Camden Underworld to bits with much acclaimed and fast-rising Leeds riffsters Black Moth. “I looked into the crowd and there was such a varied set of faces. Metalheads, rockers, indie fans, young, old, men, women... That’s right where we want to be.”

Regularly will you see a young band being heralded as the one to “unite the tribes”, “bring us all together” or “bridge the gap”, but in the case of this plucky five-piece, there really does seem to be a “something for everyone” reception to their delightfully executed mix of desert-bred riffs, grungy grooves and straight-up poppy hooks. As Harriet herself is quick to explain, it may well come from being a linchpin in a late-00s Leeds scene that was bursting with heavy, energetic and varied bands.


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