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The Stories Behind Iron Maiden's Artwork: Part Two

The second part of our Maiden art odyssey

In the latest issue of Metal Hammer we're giving away the second part of our massive Iron Maiden Eddie poster. But on the other side are some more of Maiden's iconic artwork to stick on your walls and turn your room into the ultimate Irons shrine.

If you want to cover your walls in all this killer artwork, pick up the new Metal Hammer here.

Released: 23rd May 1980

The fledgling Eddie's first on-screen kill is the UK's new prime minister Margaret Thatcher – often referred to at the time as the 'Iron Maiden' – who took office almost exactly a year before Sanctuary's release. Artist Derek Riggs claims that before the band asked him to make the dead woman Thatch he'd already pondered that idea but rejected it as 'a bit naff'. The ever-controversial Riggsy also contends that the sleeve was never officially banned, just censored by band management to whip up a handy tabloid brouhaha of publicity for, musically and aesthetically, the band's most punk rock record.

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