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Welcome Back: Idlewild

Edinburgh quintet return from indefinite hiatus

After a five year break, Edinburgh alternative rockers Idlewild are set to return in 2015 with a new album and UK tour.

Everything Ever Written will be the quintet’s eighth studio album, and sees the core of Roddy Woomble (vocals), Rod Jones (guitar) and Colin Newton (drums) joined by new members Luciano Rossi (piano, organ) and Andrew Mitchell (bass, guitar). TeamRock sat down with Woomble and Jones in a Soho café recently to get the inside track on the group’s return…

When you announced your hiatus in 2010, were you secretly thinking that this was game over for Idlewild?

Roddy Woomble: “No, I wasn’t, but it’s always difficult to find the appropriate language in such circumstances. At the time we knew we didn’t want to just put another record out and do another tour playing smaller and smaller places, because we could see that people were getting less interested in the band just as we were actually getting less interested in that format. Creatively, we needed to take a bit of a holiday from each other. Not as friends, because we’re very good friends, but just to recharge. I was definitely thinking we’d make another record, whether in a year or five years, but I thought we should go find other things to do for a bit, so that’s what we did. And then about two years ago Rod and I met up in Edinburgh and it just seemed natural to start writing again. We’ve been taking things really slowly, and there’s been a complete absence of pressure, so it’s been a lovely way to make a record actually.”

Rod Jones: “I never thought that the band had run its course, but I could tell that we weren’t in the right place to make a good record if we didn’t take a break. It didn’t feel like the end, we just didn’t know how long we’d be away. I guess it what’s we do for a living, and it had started to feel like a job in some ways, so once we removed that ‘job’ aspect of it, suddenly it felt like fun again.”

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