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AC/DC bust out Rock Or Bust at The Rock

The global launch of AC/DCs Rock or Bust takes place at a small Australian village with an appropriate name

“Dirty snags, sold dirt cheap” offers an off-duty fireman brandishing a pair of tongs, as sweltering pilgrims wander down the cordoned-off main street of The Rock, population 850.

The 'snags' – sausage sandwiches – are indeed dirt cheap at just $2.50. “And they're not really dirty,” he adds, sheepishly.

By comparison, the most sought-after commodity on Sunday afternoon in this New South Wales village – water – is $4.00. It's a good 40 degrees celsius, although this doesn't stop myriad Angus Young impersonators hopping about the place.

There have been listening parties in New York and Buenos Aires, but few of the 1000-odd diehards and curious locals here in rural Australia know or care about them as they attend the official “Global Launch” of AC/DC's Rock Or Bust.

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