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New Blood: Falls

Our New Blood column, every Monday on TeamRock, continues with Welsh 'fuck rockers' Falls

We're currently spoilt for choice when it comes to rock music, but there's a tendency for some bands to become complacent and ape what they've seen others doing on YouTube and in magazines. But in Flintshire, North Wales, the four members of Falls — singer and guitarist Martin Gallagher, drummer Steff Jones, guitarist Phil Kelsall and bassist Ben Griffiths — have a particular distaste for the generic, and are injecting a sense of eccentricity and fun into their music.

"There's about a hundred million bands, so to make yourself stand out is very important, to not be stereotypical" says Ben. "The generic band photo shoot where one foot's raised against a brick wall makes us shudder with horror.  Essentially, we have a good shit filter."

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