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Virtual reality band apps we'd like to see

From ELP to Spinal Yap, the virtual reality apps that won't be launching anytime soon

Recently The Who launched a virtual reality app that allows fans to wander round familiar Who landmarks, remix tracks and (of course) buy merchandise. Which got us thinking: what other bands should have apps, and what would their version of virtual reality look like?

Emerson, Lake and Palmer
"Welcome back my friends, to the app that never ends." You need to obtain three separate apps to get the full ELP VR effect - the Emerson app, the Lake app and the Palmer app. Like his drum kit, the Palmer headset periodically levitates and rotates, offering the viewer a chance to endure the authentic motion sickness that is such an important part of the virtual reality experience. The virtual fan can access a Super Tarkus Cart race between Tarkus, Aquatarkus and Manticore around a variety of circuits including Love Beach, Black Moon and the Great Gates of Kiev, and also interact with Jeremy Bender, Benny The Bouncer and Baba Yaga, access the Pictures At An Exhibition gallery and enter the 3D Karn Evil 9 to 'interact' with seven virgins and a mule...

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