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Best of 2014: Books

The year's best bog reads digested

Enjoy these excerpts from the minds of Joe Perry, Jaz Coleman, Walter Trout and Scott Ian. Expect chipmunk-hunting, bus crashes and drugs in underpants...

JOE PERRY GOES BACK TO NATURE   “The water in which my grandfather drowned continued to call to me. Maybe it was a way of defying death, but in the aftermath of what happened to my grandfather I plunged deeper into Lake Sunapee. Water was my element. I didn’t want to come up. I wanted to stay submerged in silence. “The woods close to our house held another kind of silence. No human talk, just rustling and chirping and scampering over leaves. I stalked through the bushes with my BB gun, a lever-action copy of a Winchester. I loved hunting chipmunks and squirrels and birds. I hadn’t read the writers and thinkers who had turned their dialogues with nature into philosophies, but their thoughts were in my blood. As a solitary creature in a forest, I felt at home. Wild animals lived in these woods. And so did I.” 
From Rocks: My Life In And Out Of Aerosmith (Simon & Schuster) _


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