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Mesa Boogie

The recreation of a combo that defines a rock legend from South America will appeal to guitarists of all musical styles.

The mystical appeal of ‘boutique’ guitars, amplifiers and effects units is as healthy now as it’s always been and, thanks to modern retail options, just about any item of even the most obscure gear is available to buy. Gone are the days of someone like Joe Perry chatting loftily about using an obscure amp that was built by a guy in a Californian shed. Now you can get one too.

Amp manufacturers Mesa/Boogie, based in Petaluma, California, are the brainchild of certified amp genius Randall Smith. Their current product range straddles both the boutique and mainstream markets by offering units that are built to the highest possible standards, possess that vibe of exclusivity and sound amazing too. What’s more, they’re almost magically versatile, and have attracted a diverse roster of musicians that includes guitarists John Petrucci of Dream Theater, jazzer Al Di Meola and bluesman Keb’ Mo’, among many others.


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