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The Best Of 2014: Albums Of The Year #19-11

The countdown continues...

The latest instalment of our albums of the year run-down, starring Anathema, The Gaslight Anthem, Judas Priest and Wilko Johnson.

You made it quickly. Was that down to the cancer?

Partly, because by the time we recorded it I was already in extra time. Also, Roger’s so busy that we just managed to find eight days to squeeze it in. Doing it fast like that, you’re not worrying about any kind of finesse. So much credit belongs to Dave Eringa, the producer, because he turned it from a bash into an album. I can’t praise him highly enough.


Having prepared yourself for the worst, have you come to terms with having a future again?

No. And that is a very difficult thing. When you’re given this diagnosis, it’s just three words: “You’ve got cancer.” And bang! Your life, your consciousness, everything changes forever. You can never feel the same way again because you’re going to die. As it happens, I accepted this and in many ways it was quite a marvellous feeling. You really do find out what it means to be alive, what’s important and what ain’t. We were all sitting in the control room during the mixing and I said, “This is great in here, isn’t it? It really makes me sorry that I’ve got to die, because I’d like to do some more.” Well, be careful what you wish for.


Does that mean there’ll be some new solo work coming soon?

Oh yeah. I’m still gradually coming back down to earth, though I’m not a hundred per cent yet. It’s hard to believe what I’ve been through. I have a huge scar on my stomach and it’s going to be a while before I have the stamina to actually do a gig. But I’m hoping to do something early next year. It might be a couple of one-off things.


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