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The visions of Tom Delonge

Angels & Airwaves' frontman talks to TeamRock about the concept behind his animated film and new album

Tom Delonge is a man of many grand ideas. He's back steering the Angels & Airwaves ship after a run of massive shows with Blink-182. In recent years, he's also found time to create graphic novels, helm films and owns a successful clothing line. The list goes on. It seems there aren’t enough hours in the day to realise them all, but he somehow manages it.

One such idea revolved around an animated short which centres around an alternate universe created by a collective of unconscious thoughts. It’s central character, Poet Anderson, meets a guardian angel who helps him confront his demons. Written by Delonge and realised by director brothers Edgar and Sergio Martins, a 15-minute short – Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker – recently scooped the award for Best Animated Film at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Yeah, the guy who wrote a questionable Blink-182 song about dogs is the brains behind an award-winning film. Yet Delonge's ascent from the ridiculously puerile to filmmaker isn't that surprising. In recent years, both with Blink-182, his brief 2002 side-project Box Car Racer and his long-running space-themed project Angels & Airwaves, DeLonge has veered more towards the serious side of things, offering up a more mature, considered and intelligent side of himself for public consumption. The Poet Anderson film is the latest part of Angels & Airwaves project, and is only a fraction of a cross-media concept that will involve their new album (The Dream Walker), comics, a novel, a graphic novel and much more more. It's all an epic, ambitious undertaking, but as he tells TeamRock, he wouldn't have it any other way…

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