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11Paranoias: Doom And Relative Dimensions In Space

Forged from the ashes of Ramesses, 11Paranoias are taking doom metal to the dark outer rims of human consciousness.

“If you thought about it in a straight-forward way it would be nailbiting,” says 11Paranoias bassist/vocalist Adam Richardson of the band’s unpremeditated, alchemical approach to making music. “You’re basically tightrope-walking on a massive razor blade.”

Luckily, 11Paranoias don’t think in a straight-forward way. That’s evident from the hypnotic, mind-expanding exercises in free thought, astral travel and narcotic experimentation summoned on the trio’s spellbinding third release, Stealing Fire From Heaven. Boiled down from two 12-hour jams, it is powerful evidence of the state-altering possibilities of spontaneous psychic and psychedelic communication; three souls bonded by drugs, drones and doom, channeled into esoteric wavelengths toward the attainment of a dynamic metaphysical apotheosis via strings, valves and sticks (plus the odd synth and sax).


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