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Here's a bunch of cats losing their mind to metal

Because cats are compelled by the power of riff too...

Following the news that Slayer rescued a kitten last week, we ended up spending hours watching videos of cats enjoying riffs on Youtube. Obviously, it's impossible to watch them all – and how we tried – so here's the best of literally billions of pet-related content on the web.

Now, it's not often that you associate Slayer with relaxation, but this pet is clearly perfectly happy to kick back and watch the thrash legends in concert. Perhaps they're watching Dave Lombardo for some drumming tips, as at 36 seconds, their foot twitches with the speed and dexterity of the former Slayer stickman's right foot. Handy when upping the ante on songs like Postmortem. Although this cat can't speak, everything suggests that their favourite song is either Aggressive Purrfector or Catatonic.

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