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Sylosis: Revolution Man

Could Sylosis mastermind Josh Middleton prove an unlikely voice for metal’s disaffected youth? Hammer lights the torch...

Are you angry? You should be. The world is full of injustice, violence and corruption. Meanwhile, heavy music has long been disposed to indicating an alternate route to the unthinking path of the conformist, the conservative, the sheep, and yet one of the most frustrating aspects of metal in the 21st century is the absence of any new bands with a worthwhile axe to grind. From lazy tolerance of sexism and homophobia through to the banality of online discourse, modern metal can seem a self-absorbed and vacuous thing at times.

But sometimes rebellion, revolution and revelation come from the unlikeliest of sources. A reliable and straightforward – one might even say workmanlike – force for thrash-inspired good in the UK metal scene for the last few years, Sylosis might not strike you as subversive, but the band’s new album, Dormant Heart, is precisely that, both in terms of its musical values and in frontman Josh Middleton’s thematic drive. 

A brutal but subtly expressed call-to-arms that dares metalheads to give a shit and view the world with a more critical eye, it paints its chief protagonist as a man determined to use his disillusionment with the world as the first step on the road to making a difference.


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