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In Their Own Words: Primordial

Primordial's frontman speaks about the new album

Here we resurrect Metal Hammer's once-regular In Their Own Words feature from the '80s – the song-by-song lyrical analysis of a new album by the people who wrote them – in honour of Irish black/folk metal institution Primordial's latest masterpiece Where Greater Men Have Fallen. Singer and lyricist AA Nemtheanga takes us through each song's theme and concept.

Where Greater Men Have Fallen

"This is the no-brainer opener, the full-on Iron Maiden rallying cry, partly inspired by a book I read about the Chicago World Fair in 1894, when people were looking forward to the 20th century as a period of unrivalled prosperity, and instead we ushered in World War One: bloodshed and killing on an even greater scale than we thought imaginable. Now we're looking at war on the fringes of Europe and Ukraine, ISIS in the Middle East, it seems to me we're winding up to some other chaotic age."

Babel's Tower

"For me this is maybe my favourite song, but it's strange, I was talking to a German guy and he said 'I don't really get this song!'. But I think it is a real grower, and it looks like it's the one we'll make our first video for (see below). It's about the misinterpretation of language, miscommunication between people, being stuck behind a lifestyle and lying to yourself. It's a more visual song lyrically, masking something more personal."

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