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The most metal moments in martial arts

In which we make entirely tenuous connections between martial arts movies and hard rock, because that's the way the web works

The ten movies here are cult masterpieces. None is exactly high brow, but all have a certain rock'n'roll kitsch creativity. There are scenes which'll bring tears to the eyes and make stomachs move. All feature a hard rock attitude and philosophy, that's what we're saying. So, settle back and enjoy the martial equivalent to... well, it's really the Martial Monsters Of Rock.

**The climax to Masked Avengers **
This 1981 Shaw Brothers movie is often regarded as one of director Chang Cheh's lesser works. But the final all-out battle in the masked villains' lair is spectacular. Each of the three bad guys, wearing a gold mask and carrying a trident, descends from on high on the sort of riser of which even Kiss would be envious. Why? Because they're armed with all sorts of insidious, deadly devices. Forget about flame throwers and other such childish pranks, the torrents of fatal acid and armadas of grievous arrows are majestically arena rock.

The bedsheet in _Deaf Mute Heroine
Deaf. Mute. What sort of chance does this swordplayer have? Well, in this 1971 movie she's lethal, but makes the mistake of falling in love while trying to avoid a gang out to get back their ill gotten booty from her. This rather laboured peasant lover meets his demise at the hands of a mysterious swordsman who appears at the climax for a showdown. It's sword versus... sheet! Seriously, the deaf and mute one takes on the blade buccaneer with a a huge bedsheet rolled tight into makeshift staff. It's quite brilliant, and breathtakingly cheeky. Reminds you that you can use anything as a makeshift guitar.

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