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Psst, mate. Want to buy a tusk?

From Mastodon tusks to Deafheaven blankets, here's the best – and weirdest – merch!

Once upon a time, you could buy T-shirts, posters, badges and patches to show an allegiance to your favourite band. But how things have changed. Since Christmas is but a fortnight away, we thought we'd see what merch is out there for some last-minute gift inspiration.


Why buy your loved ones a Deafheaven T-shirt when you can give them the gift of a… font, featured on their 2013 album Sunbather. Wow, thanks. We don’t know what to say. Apart from, ‘That’s what I’ve always wanted’ through gritted teeth and with a dead-eyed stare. We quite like the blanket, though. It's like the perfect bridge between Habitat and black metal.

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