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Classic Rock albums we’d love to see played in full

We're in the age of the self-tribute show, with bands playing homage to themselves by playing old albums in their entirety.

With the announcement that they’ll play 1974’s Sheet Music album in full on their forthcoming UK tour, 10cc have become the latest band to dedicate a chunk of their live set to just one landmark album. The trend is hardly new - The Who took Quadrophenia on tour back in 1996, the Jesus and Mary Chain performed Psychocandy in its entirety just last week, while Manic Street Preachers are currently on the road performing The Holy Bible to mark the album’s 20th anniversary – but there’s no shortage of classic albums yet to be tackled. Here’s nine ripe for killer live performances…

A Night At The OperaQueen
It’s okay, we know Freddie’s dead, but thanks for the reminder. But come on, Adam Lambert would nail this. We’re thinking a limited run – the Royal Opera House, The Met, Sydney, The Bolshoi Theatre, Monte Carlo, natch – tickets at 1975 prices, a hologram of Fred at the piano for Bo Rhap and staging by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. Don’t say you wouldn’t be all over that.

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