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Interview: Revolution Saints

Journey's Deen Castronovo on taking the spotlight, the latest on Journey, and Steve Perry

It must be good to be king. If you’re Serafino Peregino, president of Frontiers Records, and you fancy putting together a rock supergroup, you just throw together Night Ranger bassist Jack Blades, former Whitesnake and Dio axe-man Doug Aldrich and Journey’s beat-master Deen Castronovo. The end result is Revolution Saints, a power trio whose eponymous debut – produced by songwriter/producer Alessandro Del Vecchio — is a masterclass in modern melodic rock. The album puts Castronovo front and centre, laying down the groove and handling lead vocals like a boss.

Do you and Jack Blades go back a long way?

“I’ve known Jack since I was seventeen, eighteen-years-old. I was in a metal band called Wild Dogs at the time and our manager was the lighting director for Journey and Night Ranger. That’s how I got to know all these guys and how I got into the loop. I’ve always looked up to Jack and Kelly [Keagy, Night Ranger drummer and singer], it’s one of my favourite bands. Jack, he’s like a big brother, he’s awesome.”

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