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Mastodon's Brann Dailor talks twerking and why he loves prog

We chat to the Mastodon sticksman

Last week on the Metal Hammer Radio Show we chatted to Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor. Here we talk about the concept of twerking (particularly in certain music videos), performing on Letterman and discovering the magical world of prog. You can listen to the full interview On Demand.

You guys made waves for all sorts of reasons this year, not least of which because of Once More 'Round The Sun, but what I wanted to really talk to you about is the concept for videos. When you guys sit down to think about the concept for videos and the content that’s going to go out there, what happens next? What is that process and what the hell happened?

"I always have a pretty good wealth of ideas when it comes to videos. I’ve always got something going on. I just have a back catalogue of video ideas, you can only make so many videos, you know?"

So you have like a file on, lasers?

"Pretty much, yeah. No, we just say, when it came to making The Motherload video, which is what I’m guessing you’re referring to, I had like three or four different ideas and I put them out there and that was the one that made the most sense to do. I feel like The Motherload is maybe our danciest song. It's very groove ridden, but also was a good opportunity to pay homage to our home city or Atlanta in that way, and if you’ve ever been to Atlanta, or you know anything about Atlanta then the video will probably make a little bit more sense to you.

Would you call it the twerking capital of the East Coast, or indeed the Union?

I guess so ha ha, yeah for sure, and I think it’s something that people would probably say that one doesn’t belong in the other, so, that’s fun too, to just go, ‘Sure it does.’

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