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Tracks of 2014: New Kids On The Block

Tomorrow's stars, today

We kick off our comprehensive round-up of the best of the year's songs with a look at 16 bright new things making a big noise.

Purson - Danse Macabre
Ex-Ipso Facto frontwoman Rosie Cunningham’s new outfit picks up where early Fleetwood Mac left off and adds some fairground psychedelia to produce a sound that harks back to the days of gaudy kaftans and pungent smoke. Danse Macabre is commendable for the fact it remains sharp and full of attitude, despite heavy use of a Hammond organ.

Royal Blood - Come On Over
They may be a duo but Royal Blood are one of the loudest newcomers to rock the 2014 charts. Cementing their place as a serious contender in the UK alternative scene is Come On Over, an abrasive powerhouse that draws heavily from early 90s garage noise. It’s also got one of the catchiest hooks we’ve heard this year.   

Kill It Kid - I’ll Be The First
I’ll Be The First brings a generous helping of blues to the table, as Kill It Kid break out of the nu-folk box they’re often thrown into and prove they can do ballsy, stripped-back grunge. This is the track that shows singer Chris Turpin at his best, rasping heartily over a chugging riff.

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