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Welcome Back: The Saints

Aussie punk pioneers resurface with their first studio album in nearly a decade – and no change in attitude.

Nearly four decades after their iconic debut single (I’m) Stranded, Chris Bailey still fronts Brisbane’s The Saints, one of rock’s most criminally unsung yet enduringly influential bands. Back with a new studio album, King Of The Sun/King Of The Midnight Sun (which includes studio and ‘live’ versions of the same songs), Bailey cogitates upon The Saints’ “continually happy accident” of a career.

Did you realise that the raw pop primitivism of (I’m) Stranded would later be pigeonholed as punk?

The punk thing was an afterthought, an after-the-fact marketing phenomenon. Me and my gang were listening to classic rock’n’roll and R&B. (I’m) Stranded sounds like the kind of tune that might come out of the minds of young men who quite like Eddie Cochran.


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