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2015 Preview: Def Leppard, John Fogerty, Haletstorm & Michael Schenker

Looking forward to the biggest albums of 2015.

From arena rock giants Def Leppard to hard rock upstarts Halestorm, these are four essential albums set to emerge in the next 12 months.



Yorkshire heroes to return with surprise new LP.

   Eighteen months ago, Joe Elliott was convinced that Def Leppard would never make another album. What was the point, he reasoned to Classic Rock. People were hardly queuing up for new albums from any band, even ones who have sold northwards of 100 million records. An EP would be a better way forward: fewer overheads, less risk, everybody wins. So imagine the singer’s surprise when the band convened at his home studio in Dublin in February 2014 and found the proposed EP rapidly turning into something that looked distinctly album-shaped, thanks to an unexpected creative splurge. “It absolutely took us by surprise,” he admits, several months on. “I honestly didn’t see the world queuing up for a full-length record. Then you realise you’re saying that from a business point of view. When you strip all that shit away, you go: ‘Well, what about us as people? What about all these songs in my head? What am I going to do with them if I don’t record them?’” Initial writing sessions in February and May threw up 15 or 16 new songs, which the band later honed on the road. “So we were going to do an EP,” says Elliott, “but then all of a sudden it’s like: ‘Fuck this, we’ve got an album here.’”


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