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2015 Preview: The Darkness, Santana, Soundgarden, Metallica & Costello

They all have albums out in 2015.

The next 12 months will see several rock'n'roll heroes returning, including the Brothers Hawkins and the San Francisco metal giants.



Massacres, pillaging and brutal ‘medi-urban’ rock, from Suffolk’s finest.


For Justin Hawkins, frontman of The Darkness, a joke is never far away. But when he describes their new album as “medieval rock” he’s not joking.

The album, provisionally titled Cliffhanger, is scheduled for release in March 2015. It follows the band’s 2012 comeback Hot Cakes, and also marks the debut of the band’s new drummer, Emily Dolan Davies, who replaced founding member Ed Graham in late 2014. And as Hawkins explains, the touchstone for the new album is Black Shuck _– the first song on their debut album, 2003’s _Permission To Land – on which they combined balls-out heavy metal with ancient English folklore.

“The new album is brutal,” he says. “It’s definitely stripped back – with the exception of some mandolins. But when you’re doing medieval rock you should have a mandolin on it. And while I wouldn’t say that this is our Rainbow Rising, we’re definitely exploring the myths of old. It’s medieval rock, but it still sounds like The Darkness. It’s medi-urban, I suppose.…”


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