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Jarekus Singleton: Slam-Dunking The Blues

Former basketball prodigy Jarekus Singleton was all set for NBA stardom until an injury wrecked his dreams. Then the blues came calling.

In the blink of an eye, every plan and dream you have can be snatched away. No one understands that better than Jarekus Singleton. In college the Mississippi-born bluesman was a top-seeded basketball star, winner of National Player Of The Year, surely destined for fame in the NBA, until an ankle injury ended his career.

“My uncle was training me when I was nine or ten years old. He played me one-on-one like I was a grown man,” says Singleton. “Now, every time basketball season comes around I start getting jittery. My body is used to waking up in the morning and running and jumping and shooting and practising.”


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