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Marilyn Manson: Resurrection Man

A broken marriage, a slashed face and a $200,000 drugs habit sent Marilyn Manson on a downward spiral. But with TV stardom and a new album inspired by his father, he's back from the dead.

Christmas 2008 was a solitary but spectacular affair for Marilyn Manson. Cocaine bags were nailed to the walls of a temporary, otherwise empty home, on which he had also scrawled the lyrics to his latest album. In the course of Christmas Day he cut his face and hands with a razor 158 times – once for every heartbroken phone call to Evan Rachel Wood, his 21-year-old ex-girlfriend. His ability to turn his body and home into morbid art even when he was at such a low ebb was impressive. The depression of a man who had previously enjoyed his excesses was, though, undeniable.


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