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Flash Metal Suicide: Slave Raider

Our series exploring the lost and largely forgotten bands of the 80s continues with the second album from Minneapolis metallers Slave Raider, What Do You Know About Rock N' Roll?

"I'm the life of the party, the head of the cool, I'm the high priest of good times and fun”

I know I've mentioned Zodiac Mindwarp in the past three entries, and I'm gonna stop, really. Right after this. Imagine, if you will, that Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction were not British art school savages but ordinary, pinball-playing, long-haired Midwest American goons, and instead of dressing like cosmic sex-Nazi bikers from hell, they dressed like a threadbare local theatre production of Pirates of Penzance, with maybe a high-school football twist. Well, that actually happened, man. It was called Slave Raider. And it was a choppy ride.

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