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The Best Horror Films Of 2014 – By No Devotion's Lee Gaze

The guitarist reviews this year's best scariest movies. Plus a couple of right stinkers, too.

When he’s not playing guitar for No Devotion or tweeting excitedly about Ethiopian coffee, Lee Gaze watches horror films with the sort of regularity other people watch cat videos on YouTube. But that’s not to say he’s seen them all.

“There are some glaring omissions: The Guest, It Follows and Starry Eyes,” says Lee of his end of year review. “I’ve not seen them yet, though they’re rumoured to be great.”

Here’s Lee's look back at the best horror films of 2014, plus two he reckons are “stinkers”. Caution: some of these trailers might creep you out, so, you know, watch them with all of your house lights on. Don't say we didn't warn you...

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