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Behemoth's Nergal on The Satanist, the underground and Leukemia

We chat to the Behemoth frontman

In the latest issue of Metal Hammer we crowned Behemoth's The Satanist as our album of 2014 as voted for by Metal Hammer writers. Here the Metal Hammer Radio Show chatted to frontman Adam 'Nergal' Darski about the accolade, as well as the early days and his recent health battles. You can listen to the full interview On Demand.

2014 has been a pretty eventful year for you, obviously with the release of The Satanist and perhaps most recently the crowning of the Metal Hammer Critics' Album Of The Year, congratulations.  

"Well, I’m like speechless about it, and I still don’t know what to say. Behemoth has been around for like over twenty years and in our wildest dreams we would never have dreamt of reaching this many peaks in our career. You know, this many mountains that we’ve reached and this Metal Hammer award is yet another one, and it’s amazing. It feels great, it feels very flattering and I love it.

"All we thought was, when making this record, was just our own aspirations and just us. We did it for ourselves pretty much. Then all of a sudden, you do something 100% for yourself, because you want to be totally fulfilled and happy, and satisfied with, and then you pass it over to people, and then they decide to crown it as the best record of our career – which is unheard of, this tenth album in our discography. I’d say that a majority of fans already claim it the best Behemoth album and to be the best album of 2014, is just amazing. I feel honoured, really honoured."

Well, the honour is ours, it’s a fantastic album and the consensus was certainly there among all of our critics at least, and I think all the fans, certainly a great album. Obviously a band coming from the underground such as yourselves, has probably had an uneasy relationship with the press historically and so on. Do you remember the first thing that was written about you? The first time you saw a printed word related to what you did?

"Not the first print, but I’ve got like images in my head now of first interviews, the first features that Behemoth was in, and I don’t really remember the very first one. It must have been some small zine from Poland writing about death metal, and extreme metal and black metal, so, no it was like ’91, late ’91."

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