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G'day Of Darkness: Hammer Does Australia

Think Aussie metal starts with AC/DC and ends with Parkway? As an enticing new documentary shows, The Thunder Down Under goes far, far deeper than that...

“When the dust and smoke clear from the nuclear destruction, bangers and thrashers everywhere will be pushing aside the corpses of eternity to once again hear the thrashing on their mega blasters and unite in a hell-raising party of mayhemic destruction.” – Mortal Sin, Mayhemic Destruction sleeve note, 1987

“Australians like to do everything at full pace, putting in 100% effort. We are a small country at the bottom of the world and to get noticed, we have to go to extremes.” 

Nick Calpakdjian, director of the outstanding new three-part, 165-minute documentary DVD Metal Down Under, is fondly accounting for the tendency of his homeland to produce some of the most rabid, zealous and transgressive expressions of underdog metallic fury over the last 40-plus years. “In our heavy music we get noticed by going all out. There is no point replicating what is already out there because we’re not really in the spotlight and not likely to get noticed unless we are doing something a little offbeat or different.” 


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