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Metallica: Skaters Gonna Skate

With another cripplingly busy year looming, Metallica’s Rob Trujillo is enjoying whatever downtime he can get.

As Hammer finds out, that usually means grabbing his family, heading to the beach and tackling some half-pipes...

The freaks are emerging from the shadows and the show’s about to start. It’s barely 8am and the quixotic beach denizens have begun setting up for the day ahead. In only a couple of hours, a seething horde of tourists, street musicians, surfers and a jaw-dropping number of large men rollerskating in thongs will bombard this legendary strip of pavement known as the Venice Boardwalk.

Presently, it’s still relatively quiet, as the beach artists arrange cheap knick-knacks on folding tables beneath towering palm trees. Between the boardwalk and the ocean sits the fabled Venice Skate Park, where two dads lean against a railing and chat idly as their sons receive a skating lesson.


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