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The Year Ahead 2015: Return Of The Millennials

With new directions, refreshed lineups and a few lessons learned, it may finally be time for metal’s modern heavyweights to make the leap that we’ve long been waiting for.

As we head into another new year, of course, it may be helpful to look back to give us some idea of what might happen going forwards. A decade ago, heavy metal, in its more traditional form, had been awoken from its grunge- and Brit-pop-induced slumber by the hugely exciting New Wave Of American Heavy Metal movement. These were the bands to lead us forward into the New Millennium and pick up where the likes of Pantera and Metallica had left off. Only it didn’t quite work out like that...

With the majority of the also-ran’s scene having split up (God Forbid, Chimaira,) or continued through gritted teeth to diminishing returns (Unearth, Shadows Fall), it’s now left to the leaders of the pack to drag themselves back to former glories. Although there have been a multitude of misfires, lineup changes, drama and the odd touch of apathy, there are signs that 2015 could be the year that the likes of Trivium, Killswitch Engage and Bullet For My Valentine attain the kind of status that they so richly deserve.


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