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The Year Ahead 2015: Will The Legends Return?

Many of metal’s biggest names look set to face a pivotal year in 2015. Could we see some of our most beloved icons bow out once and for all?

What’s next?’ It’s the ever-looming question that hangs over our world, forebodingly looking to a future barren of arena-ready metal bands and chart-invading names. With some of metal’s legends seemingly facing retirement sooner rather than later, the 12 months ahead could have huge implications for metal’s broader future.

What does seem likely is that 2015 will be the year that the 10th Metallica studio album finally appears (no, really!). That said, with this album having already taken the best part of seven years to arrive, and with the band seeming to spend every year on tour rather than in the studio, could this end up being Metallica’s last opus?

We feel that Metal’s Biggest Band won’t believe they’re spent quite yet, but on their timeframes, you just never know (and you can see how Rob Trujillo sees their year shaping up over on page 52 – helpful Ed). Of course, they are playing summer European dates including Reading and Leeds in August, so don’t be too surprised if they decide to procrastinate on that record just a little while longer...


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