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ZOM: Lords Of Chaos

ZOM may be one of the fastest-rising names in the churning world of underground death metal, but they’re determined to strip away the shroud of mystique.

As far back as 1984, Bathory were being laughed at for being anti-musical and for favouring raw energy and extremity over technicality, which just goes to show that the metal scene’s ability to flirt with what is deemed by most as ‘noise’ or ‘pure chaos’ has deep roots. Still, a few select bands have turned the underground scene upside down over the last few years by redefining the word ‘extreme’.

Even if now-revered acts such as Madrid’s Teitanblood or Brisbane’s Portal couldn’t be more different one from another, they’re both shrouded in mystery, rely on multiple and purposely indecipherable occult references and are, simply put, friggin’ noisy and dirty.

ZOM (the capital letters are deliberate) are well-placed to be the next in line; like their predecessors, they hail from a city – Dublin – that isn’t historically an extreme metal hotspot, they’re signed to a label that’s small in size but big as far networking goes and they played the right festivals for this kind of music (Hell’s Pleasure, Killtown Deathfest, Live Evil). 


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