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15 Reasons We're Excited About 2015

Reasons to cheerful '15

Here at Hammer we're expecting big things from 2015. Big, loud, noisy, pulse-quickening things. Here's 15 reasons we're excited about the coming 12 months.

The 'Prepare For Hell' Tour

January is usually a bit of a bummer, a month long comedown from the December party season characterised by shitty weather, post-Xmas depression and empty promises about gym visits/weight loss/making the year ahead The One. This year, however, there'll be no excuses for the January blues, with the prospect of Slipknot, Korn and King 810 kicking the living fuck out of arenas from Dublin to Birmingham on what promises to be the loudest, gnarliest tour of the year. '...Hell' awaits, and we couldn't be more psyched about embracing the darkness. January, this year you're alright.

The Return Of The Pale Emperor

We'll be honest, there was a while there where we'd kinda given up on Marilyn Manson ever ascending again to the lofty heights of his provocative and impossibly thrilling AntiChrist Superstar/Mechanical Animals/Holy Wood... period. But we've heard The Pale Emperor, the Double M's forthcoming ninth studio album, and dammit if the old rogue hasn't pulled off a quite stunning comeback. If album teasers Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge and Deep Six have given you weird stirrings then we promise that you'll be frothing with excitement when this bad boy 'drops', as our Stateside brethren like to say, on January 19th. Welcome back you big lanky freak. 

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