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Grill 'Em All: When Metal And Fast Food Collide

Cook up some sweet slaughterpounders, we need some food with volume

Seeing as it's summer it's time for us all to be healthy, detox, and have a nice salad. On the other hand we could carry on like we always do and gorge on burgers, pizza and fried chicken. Here are some of the times when metal and fast food have crossed paths before.

Mac Sabbath

While there's probably plenty of cover bands out there with guys who look a bit like Tony Iommi, or a dude who looks a bit like Ozzy, this has to be the best Sabbath tribute act on the planet. Fronted by Ronald Osbourne and joined by a host of McDonald's characters, the band's 'drive-thru metal' sees them turn the likes of Iron Man into 'Frying Pan' and Paranoid into 'Pair Of Buns'.

Coq Roq

For a 2004 as campaign to promote their Chicken Fries, Burger King created their own fictional metal band called Coq Roq. The song they put out wasn't actually half bad for a pretend band wearing chicken masks. Although it didn't go down well with everyone, in particular one Corey Taylor who saw it as a parody of Slipknot and threatened legal action.

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