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The Children Of Pantera

Who are the new Cowboys From Hell?

In a recent interview former Pantera bassist Rex Brown has claimed that "Every band out there wants to be a Pantera". And, whilst no one would doubt why you wouldn't want to be in a band as good as the legendary Texans, we wondered how true that statement really is. So here are ten bands that took the blueprint Rex and co. created and ran with it... But not too far.

Vision Of Disorder

In reality you could pick ninety per cent of the Roadrunner Records roster of the mid '90s here. But VOD are arguably the first ever metalcore band, and their influence has reached far beyond the confines of the hardcore scene. They could have been just another NYHC group but added a strictly metallic flavour to their music, the kind of metallic flavour that Pantera perfected. They had an Anselmo style vocal pitbull in the shape of frontman Tim Williams and a guitarist that stood head and shoulders above his peers in the supremely underrated Mike Baumbach. Sound familiar? Need more proof? How about Anselmo himself trading screams with Williams on the song By The River from VOD's blinding Imprint album. Yeah, that'll do eh? 


It may not seem such an obvious fit but the Bakersfield quintet and 'godfathers of nu-metal' might not have ever even tried their hand at making heavy music if it weren't for the Cowboys From Hell. Jonathan Davis himself admitted as much by saying "the first metal band I ever listened to were Pantera because those grooves were so undeniable". Sure, the riffs were technically simpler than Dime's but the rhythms and low-end thump were staple trademarks of his playing. Korn's commitment to making the heaviest bounce in metal was inspired by the feeling we all get from listening to Vulgar Display Of Power. And, although Davis is clearly a very different frontman and character, Anselmo's deeply personal and relatable lyrics could well have given the Korn singer the confidence to tackle his own demons in his songs. 

Five Finger Death Punch

This is probably the most obvious choice on the list. There is very little about the look, the feel, the attitude and the sound of FFDP that doesn't scream Pantera. It's in the swaggering, cursing, no bullshit, growl of Ivan Moody fronting the band. It's in the enigmatic presence, originality and crusade to never rest on the laurels of guitarist and band leader Zoltan Bathory. It's in the passionate reaction from an ever-rising number of fans around the world at their breathtakingly powerful live shows. It's in the way they are proudly proclaiming to represent heavy metal and taking it into arenas with little or no help or interest from the mainstream culture. Frankly the similarities are scary. 

*This story was updated on January 8 to add the word 'a' to Rex Brown's quote 'Every band out there wants to be a Pantera.'

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