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Heavy metal goes to Hollywood

When the stars of screen and scream collide

We recently reported that Aerosmith's Joe Perry has recorded an EP with global megastar Johnny Depp which surprised fans of both parties everywhere. But it's not the first time Hollywood actors have worked with rock icons...

Orson Welles and Manowar

There was a period when Orson Welles was the greatest actor and director of his generation, and his masterpiece Citizen Kane is still ranked by many as the finest film ever made. And then came a period… how best to put this… where he did any old shit. Which is why, when ‘80s power metallers Manowar asked him if he’d do some voiceover work on their debut album, he readily agreed. “And they placed in his hands a sword made for him called Vengeance, forged in brimstone and tempered by the woeful tears of the unavenged,” boomed the 1941 Oscar-winner on the debut album of a band regularly described as one of the most ridiculous of all time. So impressive was Welles’ work, that the band saved some of his offcuts and added them to Defender on their fifth album, Fighting The World, after Welles had died – thus providing him with ample opportunity to start spinning in his final resting place. 

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