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The Return of The King

Meet Rock The King... a hard rock tribute to Elvis

Ever wonder what it would be like if Elvis, in his latter years, had turned to hard rock instead of Hawaii and hamburgers? A world in which Enter Sandman is paired with Suspicious Minds, where Elvis croons and throws kung-fu shapes as the riff to Paranoid blasts? Chance Tinder has.

An Elvis impersonator of some twenty years experience, 2015 finds Chance fronting Rock The King (formerly Metal Elvis), a tribute act who combine the voice of The King with the Hair Metal sounds of the 1980s. 

"After 15 years as a traditional Elvis impersonator, I felt enough time had passed to play with Elvis's persona a little," says Chance. "I always wondered what it would've been like had Elvis lived, stayed healthy and good looking, and floated into the 80s as a rocker. 

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