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The A-Z Of Lamb Of God

Your alphabetical guide to LoG

As the legend that is Randy Blythe is gracing this month's cover of Metal Hammer, we thought it right to give you lot the complete 26-point alphabetical breakdown on why Lamb Of God are one of the best bands on the planet. Don't believe us? Check this out...

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A is for Aaaaargh There Are Too Many Things That Start With A

OK, there are way to many significant Lamb Of God landmarks that begin with A so listen up. A is for As The Palaces Burn, the album that formed the nucleus of the band’s sound and includes a whole host of bona fide, timeless metal classics. There is a movie of the same name which is essential viewing also, telling the history of the band and the treatment of Randy Blythe through his harrowing court case and incarceration in the Czech Republic. Last and by no means least, there’s the album Ashes Of The Wake. Throwing a little Megadeth influence into proceedings and stretching their creative wings to further than they had up to this point Ashes Of The Wake is basically as good as 21st century metal gets. Phew. Bet we don’t have this problem when we get to Z.

B is for Burn The Priest

Somehow managing to find a name that sounds more outrageous than Anal Cunt, Lamb Of God’s original name (and the name of their “debut album”) is one guaranteed to cause an extreme reaction. Whether that’s giggling or being OUTRAGED totally depends on your character but it was never going to look right on the Download poster, was it? If you’ve never seen the gnarly artwork for the LoG Burn The Priest album, check it out. It’s '90s at fuck but that’s why we love it. 

C is for Chris Adler

It’s a hard thing for a drummer to stamp their signature sound on a band but, much in the vein as Slipknot will never sound the same without Joey Jordison or Pantera wouldn’t have had half the groove if it wasn’t for the big bollocks swing of Vinnie Paul, Chris Adler has a signature sound that is key to Lamb Of God. Don’t believe us? Sit with a mug of tea and a biro and tap the mug with said biro along to that ride cymbal on Hourglass. See? That’s what we are saying. In all seriousness, Adler’s driving rhythms, inventive fills and unorthodox bass drum rhythms are as essential to Lamb Of God as any riff, lyrical or growl. He is, frankly, the shit.

D is for Disney

Did you know that Ghost Walking was originally going to be used in Monster’s University? No, you didn’t because we just made it up but Lamb Of God have certainly had their run-ins with Mickey and his Goofy buddies as, in the US, the band were banned from playing Disney owned House Of Blues venues across the States. This ban has also seen Machine Head, Exodus and others forbidden from playing said venues. Malificent looks like a metalhead. Sort that shit out, girl!

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