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The Bluffer's Guide: Post-Metal

In the beginning there was metal... then we discovered post-metal

In the first Bluffer's Guide of 2015 we're looking forward into the brain-melting world of post-metal. Soaring, tsunami sized soundscapes that warp every notion of heaviness and metal into something more beautiful. But if you have no idea what we're on about, here's what you need to know...

Godflesh – Christbait Rising

(taken from Streetcleaner, 1989)

Droning, sparse guitars hammering the same riff for minute after minute. Justin Broadrick’s scraped raw vocals fed through knackered amps and layered over precise, lifeless programmed drums. Streetcleaner, Godflesh’s first full-length may precede the post-metal movement, but there is no doubt that the sonic nihilism of their aesthetic played a huge part in the formative years of the genre. 

Neurosis – Lost

(taken from Enemy of the Sun, 1993)

Despite forming as a punk act in the mid-eighties, by the start of the next decade Neurosis were showing indisputable signs of the shifting, boundary-pushing band they would become. The release of 1992’s Souls At Zero marked a distinct change in tact for Neurosis as they pushed towards a sound riddled with a variety of influences. And then there was Enemy Of The Sun, released a year later, which would lay down the blueprint for practically every post band to follow. Within the dense, hypnotic murk of opener Lost, a monster was born.

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