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Flash Metal Suicide: Rhett Forrester

This week: Gone with the Wind, the first solo album from rock'n'roll wildman Rhett Forrester

“It was crazy hanging out with him. It seemed that women and trouble followed him wherever he went.” - Jack Starr on Rhett Forrester

I remember people used to refer to Rhett Forrester as the “One-lunged rocker”, but I can’t find any evidence that he only had one lung. Maybe that was an apocryphal story, one of the many tall-tales surrounding the former Riot singer, but honestly, the dude was so tough he could’ve still hit those high notes with no lungs at all. Eighties metal was littered with gonzo frontmen, from sex-changers (King Kobra) to psychopathic killers (NME), but few lived the rock n’ roll lifestyle with as much grit and grace as Forrester, and with the possible exception of the Four Horsemen’s Frank Starr (also RIP), I don’t know if anybody was as battle-hardened and street-ready as this motherfucker. Rhett Forrester would eat Glenn Danzig for breakfast and use his bones for toothpicks.

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